Transportation of the deceased person's body throughout the Russian Federation – Cargo 200

In Russia, transportation of the body of the deceased over a long distance across the country to the place of burial (or reburial) is often referred to as ‘Cargo 200’.

How to transport the remains

For this purpose, a special container is used where a hermetically sealed zinc coffin with the body is placed. Body shipping requires compliance with storage and transportation requirements, as well as properly issued permits. funeral house offers such transportation services.

By air

This means of transport is used when you need a quick shipment.

Disadvantages and risks: you need to bring the body to the airport 6 hours before departure; special vehicle is required for delivery to the place of departure (and the burial site afterwards); a cargo attendant is required; there is a possibility of flight delay or unplanned stopover.  

Hearse vehicle

Hearse vehicle is a common means of transport to bring the coffin with the body to the distance of about 1,500–2,000 kilometers.


  • A Russian citizen died abroad and is being repatriated. The coffin arrives in Moscow by air and then taken to another city for burial.

Pros: low cost, no schedule, you can take the body right to the burial site. No cargo attendant is required, the body may be transported in an regular coffin.

Calculation example:

  • Route: Moscow to Kostroma
  • Transportation rate 55 ₽ per 1 km. plus 10,800 ₽.
  • Distance: 339 km.
  • Cost: 18,645 ₽ plus 10,800 rubles for hearse vehicle provision

Required Documents

The set of accompanying documents for shipping a body depends on whether you need to bring it across the border of the Russian Federation, as well as on the means of transport. The biggest possible document package is required when shipping across the Russian border.


Where to get the document

Stamped Death Certificate
Municipal services offices (“МФЦ”) or Civil Registry Offices (“ЗАГС”)
Rospotrebnadzor (SES) Permit
Local Rospotrebnadzor (“СЭС”) office
Certificate of no unauthorized contents
Funeral Service commissioned to deliver the deceased person`s body to destination
Cargo 200 Inventory List
Funeral Service commissioned to deliver the deceased person`s body or ashes to destination
Sealing Certificate
Funeral Service commissioned to deliver the deceased person`s body or ashes to destination will help you transport the body of the deceased throughout Russia

With our experience, infrastructure, and the state funeral service status we can quickly deliver the body or ashes of the deceased person anywhere across Russia for burial.

With you can order a hearse vehicle and body transportation by road throughout Russia. To learn more, call our multichannel line +7 (495) 100-3-100 (free of charge, 24x7).

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