Death causes tissue decomposition and turns the body into a breeding ground for pathogenic germs, as well as a source of putrid smell. This poses a risk of contamination.

According to the medical research, dead tissue decomposition starts as early as 30 minutes after death. Statistically, a deceased person on the average stays at home about 2-3 hours before being taken to the morgue. During this time, decomposition intensifies drastically, which makes the residential space dangerous.

That’s why sanitation is a must in most cases. To avoid the risk, it is always advisable to have it done.

Non-specialist cleaning is not efficient and cannot eliminate all the health hazards. The premises need sanitation and odor removal, i.e. specialized treatment to remove infectious germs and toxins. In order to prevent a risk of contamination, the deceased person’s family need to have the premises sanitized.


Various sprays, solutions, and reagents based on artificial and natural disinfectants are used. This range includes the latest IV-V Safety Class compounds, as well as mobile medical UV devices.

Disinfectants and purposes:

Pulsed xenon UV system (UIK-b Alpha-01)

Urgent air and surface disinfection

Disinfectant solutions

Surface treatment (walls, floor, solid furniture)

Spray disinfectants

Upholstery treatment

Concentrated plant extracts and essential oils

Odor control

Medical disinfection of the premises

Residential space treatment after a person’s death takes 2 to 3 hours depending on the complexity and includes the following:

  • Disinfect the focus, i.e. the spot where the body had been located, slits and cracks. Treatment intensity depends on how long the body had been in contact with the surface and/or objects, the temperature and humidity in the room.
  • Examine floor/furniture and decide whether to treat or recycle them (fabrics, wood and many other materials strongly absorb the smell);
  • General sanitizing with HealthMin approved sprays, solutions, and reagents;
  • Find the residual odor sources, deodorize and ventilate the premises.

How much does it cost to treat an apartment after a person’s death in Moscow?

It depends on the contamination level and the room size. The cost is calculated after premises examination and contamination level estimation.

The minimum price for an apartment with area under 100 square meters is 10,000 rubles. Sanitizing a house under 400 square meters costs 23,500 rubles.

Service Cost
Room special treatment (area under 100 sq.m)

10,000 rubles

Room special treatment. Persistent odor (under 100 sq.m)

13,500 rubles

Room special treatment (area under 200 sq.m)

15,000 rubles

Room special treatment. Persistent odor (under 200 sq.m)

18,500 rubles

Room special treatment (area under 300 sq.m)

17,500 rubles

Room special treatment. Persistent odor (under 300 sq.m)

21,000 rubles

Room special treatment (area under 400 sq.m)

20,000 rubles

Room special treatment. Persistent odor (under 400 sq.m)

23,500 rubles

Where to order sanitation?

You can order an apartment sanitation at For more information, call 24x7 hot line +7 (495) 100-3-100 .

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