VIP funeral in Moscow

VIP funeral in Moscow

Over the 25 years in the funeral business, Ritual-Service ( arranged farewell ceremonies for many celebrities. Among them there are famous figures of art and culture, politicians and sportsmen, businessmen and military officers, people of various occupations.

We helped to pay the last respects to Bulat Okudzhava and Yuri Nikulin, Alfred Schnittke and Rolan Bykov, Raisa Gorbachev and Svyatoslav Fyodorov, Artyom Borovik and Alexander Lebed, Alexander Abdulov and many other famous people.

VIP funeral is a complex organizational and logistical task that at the same time requires extensive resources and a few days' non-stop work of a large experienced team.

Today, VIP services department is Russia's leader in VIP funeral services.

Average prices for premium (VIP) funeral:

For the convenience of customers, offers premium class funeral in a package offer.

Premium Plan (cremation) – 227,900 rubles.

Premium Plan (coffin burial) – 325,600 rubles.

The set of funeral goods and services includes:

  • Lacquered wooden two-door coffin;
  • VIP funeral kit;
  • Author's wreath from fresh flowers;
  • Custom basket;
  • Customized mourning ribbon;
  • Hearse vehicle (Mercedes, Lincoln, Cadillac);
  • Mercedes minibus;
  • VIP funeral service crew (6 people);
  • Cremation or elevator;
  • Silk drape on the grave;
  • Lacquered oak cross;
  • Plaque on the cross;
  • Funeral conducted by Master of ceremonies;
  • Paperwork.

VIP funeral arrangements, assistance in organizing a premium funeral:

If you need a custom VIP funeral, VIP services department will cope with tasks of any complexity and scale as soon as possible, including when it is required to transport the deceased person's body.

In addition to the funeral itself, premium funeral arrangements include mourning event preparation, e.g. a civil service, a church service, organizing the mourning procession and memorial events, often involving a lot of people.

Arranging a premium funeral requires dealing with many formalities, a lot of coordination work and a thorough knowledge of specific procedures.

The Ritual-Service ( VIP services department will help you solve all the tasks related to arranging a VIP funeral. Contact our information support service at any time by phone: +7 (495) 100-3-100 .

Premium hearse vehicles (Lincoln, MercedesBenz and Cadillac), wreaths of natural flowers created by the best florists of Moscow; Italian and American two-door fine wood coffins, as well as the elevator to lower the coffin into the grave smoothly, professional coffin carriers in special mourning uniform, a funeral orchestra and a master of ceremonies. When you come to Ritual-Service (, Moscow's oldest City Specialized Funeral Service, you can get all of the above, which is far from the cheapest option but allows you to vastly expand the standard funeral package. An experienced funeral director will come where you tell them in a telephone conversation with our dispatcher within one hour. Call at any time to our multi-channel line +7 (495) 100-3-100 .

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