Repatriation documents


In accordance with Article 355 of the Union Customs Code, at import of cinerary urns and hearses with bodies (remains) of deceased persons to the customs territory of the Customs Union the following documents shall be submitted to the customs authorities:

  • Application of optional form by the person accompanying the hearse with a body (remains) or cinerary urns of the deceased person;
  • A certificate of death issued by the authorized establishment of the country of departure or the medical certificate of death or notarized copies of the above mentioned documents;
  • A certificate of optional form issued by the hearse sealing service to assert that there are no unauthorized contents inside, with a list of the deceased person’s belongings enclosed if any such things are sent together with the body (remains).


In accordance with the internationally accepted practices, legalization of the above mentioned documents submitted for customs processing is not required. When issued in a language other than Russian, these documents are submitted to the customs authorities together with the notarized copies translated into the Russian language.

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