Funeral Accessories


Arranging a funeral includes choosing and purchasing the appropriate accessories.Some of them are absolutely essential, while the other are optional.


A coffin is a must for any funeral in Russia.It will be required not only for burial, but also in case of cremation (the body of the deceased is cremated in a coffin) website and online store offer a wide range of coffins in different price categories, from the simplest to premium ones.

To take the deceased person’s body abroad, a special container is required under the Russian law.The body of the deceased is placed in it, then the so called zinc coffin it is hermetically sealed.

Cinerary urn

Upon cremation, the ashes are placed in an urn, which can be buried or placed in a crematorium cell afterwards.

Funeral kit:pillow, coffin lining

These accessories usually include: a pillow and coffin lining.

Funeral outfits

The body of the deceased is prepared for the ceremony at the morgue.The preparation includes washing and dressing the deceased.The family may bring the clothes, but more often they prefer to purchase special funeral outfit.It is a suit for men and a high-necked dress for women.

Burial slippers

One of the funeral outfit’s elements is burial slippers.It is usually simple footwear made of light material, with a seam along the sole.

Wreaths and baskets

Traditionally, wreaths and baskets of fresh and artificial flowers are used for cortege decoration, which expresses feelings for the deceased and emphasize the grief.Wreaths and baskets vary in price, which depends on the size and has its own funeral wreath and basket workshop.

Mourning ribbons

Mourning ribbon is another important funeral accessory.Short words of commemoration or grief are written on the ribbon.Ribbons are woven into a wreath or basket that adorns the funeral ceremony.

Crosses and Tombstones

When arranging a burial in Russia, the law requires that a registration plate be placed on the grave with the surname, name and patronymic of the deceased, as well as their birth and death dates.In most cases, an Orthodox cross (wooden or metal) is used with the plate fixed on it.People who do not belong to the Orthodox tradition often prefer a plain registration plate instead of a cross.

Six months after the burial, the registration plate or the temporary cross is usually replaced by a permanent gravestone.Orthodox Christians usually place a permanent cross next to the tombstone, indicating the the deceased person’s confession.If the original temporary cross proved to be reliable, it can be left without replacement.

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