Burial allowance

Burial allowance

Many families fear that there may be not enough money to have a decent funeral for their loved one. Not everyone knows that federal and local legislation fully or partially compensates for the burial costs to benefit-entitled citizens. For example, pensioners, the unemployed, disabled persons of groups I and II, participants of the Second World War and some other beneficiaries are entitled to allowances, benefits and compensations for burial, which at the family's request may be exchanged to a free funeral with a guaranteed range of goods and services.

Federal law entitles the following social categories to monetary compensation for burial:

  • Retirees;
  • Unemployed;
  • Participants of the Second World War and home front workers;
  • Disabled people;
  • Full-time students;
  • Chernobyl disaster liquidators;
  • Parents in the event of the death of their child;
  • Former political prisoners.

The Moscow legislation provides additional monetary compensation for the above social categories living in Moscow and in Greater Moscow, or having a Moscow residence permit.

How and where to get a burial allowance? Applying for an allowance

How to get a burial allowance depends on the social category the deceased belongs to.

The procedure for getting a burial allowance is the following:

at work

if the deceased was working

in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

if the deceased was a pensioner and did not work


if the deceased was a registered unemployed

through the draft board

if the deceased was a veteran / home front worker

The allowance is received by the person responsible for the funeral arrangements.

Burial allowances for the residents of Moscow and newly included territories at the time of death, 2018:

Social Categories Allowances, rub. Allowances for the gravestone manufacturing and installation, rub. Where to get
Non-working pensioners 16 946,47
Non-working citizens 16 946,47
Participants of the Second World War up to 38,400.00 up to 33,721.00
Combat veterans 27 016,00 up to 33,721.00
Military service veterans 27 016,00 up to 33,721.00
Military personnel on active service 27 016,00 up to 33,721.00
Contract military personnel 27 016,00 up to 33,721.00

Amount of burial allowance:

The amount of the federal burial allowance in 2018 is 5,701.31 rubles (including indexation in February 2018).

The Moscow Burial Act provides additional 11 thousand rubles of burial allowance for the Moscow residents. Thus, taking into account the federal allowance, the total amount of burial compensation in Moscow in 2018 is 16,701 rubles 31 kopecks.

For participants of the Second World Patriotic War who live in Moscow, the burial allowance amount is 27,016 rubles. It is received at the draft board where deceased person was registered. If the funeral costs turn out to be higher, they will be compensated to the amount of 38,400 rubles. A respectable funeral with an extended service package when ordered at Ritual.ru state funeral service will cost 45,950 rubles, thus the compensation amount in this particular case will cover the costs almost in full.

Burial allowance: list of documents

The list of documents required to get a burial allowance Moscow:

If the deceased person was a non-working Moscow resident:

  • passport of the person who is in charge of the funeral;
  • copy of the deceased person's pension certificate;
  • medical certificate of death;
  • unemployed person's registration certificate;
  • stamped death certificate.

If the deceased person was a registered unemployed:

  • applicant passport;
  • medical certificate of death;
  • the unemployed person's registration certificate or intramural study certificate;
  • extract from the house register / united housing document / copy of FLS);
  • stamped death certificate.

Social burial allowance for pensioners and disabled persons:

The burial allowance for pensioners in Moscow is 16,701 rubles 31 kopecks (the amount of federal and Moscow allowance).

The deceased person's family may choose a free social funeral instead of a monetary allowance, if the deceased was a pensioner and was not working at the time they died, or if they were an officially registered unemployed.

The burial allowance for disabled pensioners of groups I and II, pensioners disabled since childhood, and rehabilitees is also 16,701 rubles 31 kopecks. Instead of cash benefits, the family can choose a free social funeral. In this case, these categories are entitled to a free installation of a gravestone at the cost of up to 3,200 rubles.

For participants of the Second World War, combat veterans, military service veterans, and military personnel on active service, gravestone installation is compensated for up to 33,721 rubles.

Burial allowance in 2018

Allowance amount in 2018:

The burial allowance amount in 2018 increased compared to 2017 to 16,701 rubles 31 kopecks

Applying for an burial allowance in 2017

In 2018, burial allowance is obtained the same way as in 2017.

Allowance '2017 in Moscow

Allowance '2017 in Moscow has not changed since 2016.

Assistance in getting a burial allowance:

Call the city information service to get a free consultation on burial allowances and benefits: +7 (495) 100-3-100 .

Ritual.ru City Funeral Service is authorized to provide free funerals for pensioners and the registered unemployed. The list of free services and supplies to the value of up to 16 701 rub. 31 kopecks when you choose a social funeral includes everything you need for a respectful ceremony: paperwork, the hearse and accessories, transportation and burial.

Ritual.ru works together with the Moscow Social Security Department and GUP Moscow State Social Security to provide funeral services. We provide assistance with funeral for persons killed in terrorist attacks and industrial disasters.

All our funeral directors are professionals authorized by the city, and their working experience in the funeral business is 10-15 years or more.

More than 10,000 people come to us every year for help; most of them come on recommendation. Our service's reputation guarantees that the funeral will be held with dignity.

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