The Moscow Region cemeteries

Moscow Region Cemeteries

There are over 1,500 public, confessional, military, and memorial cemeteries.

The Moscow Region Cemeteries – Official Website

The Moscow Region Cemeteries – official website currently does not exist. The cemeteries of the Moscow Region are managed by the Ministry of Consumer Market and Services of the Moscow Region. Municipalities are in charge of managing the local cemeteries. The Moscow Region Cemeteries page on website provides information on the available burial sites and methods of disposition in the cemeteries of the Moscow Region.

Use the "Cemetery of the Moscow Region - List" alphabetical menu to see more information about the particular cemetery of the Moscow Region: plots available, options to get a plot, columbarium availability, prices, open times, how to get there, etc.

Addresses of functioning and closed cemeteries of the Moscow Region

See individual cemetery pages for more details about locations of the functioning and closed cemeteries of the Moscow Region, information on how to get there by public transport or by car, as well as plots availability. You can also find there the range of services and package offers at each cemetery for plot beautification.

Plots in the Moscow Region Cemeteries

The Moscow Region cemeteries

The closed cemeteries of the Moscow Region are ones that no longer expand. Only family burials are allowed here.

Available types of graves:

  • Hearse into the existing grave.
  • Urn into the existing grave.
  • Urn into the wall of mourning or columbarium.

Functioning cemeteries are the ones where you can get a new plot for a family burial or arrange additional burial at an existing plot.

Most of the Moscow Region cemeteries are open.

Free plots in the functioning cemeteries of the Moscow Region.

Residents of the Moscow Region have the right to get a free plot for a new grave in any open cemetery of the Moscow Region.


  1. New burial (hearse or urn);
  2. Get a cell in an open columbarium (if free niches are available);
  3. Additional burial in the family grave (20 years after the last burial in a hearse);
  4. Get a plot for a new burial, for citizens awarded by the state for special services.

However, you should take into account the following:

The local authorities make the decision whether to allocate a plot depending on whether there is enough space for the local residents.

How much does a plot in the cemetery cost in the Moscow Region offers the following burial services in the cemeteries of the Moscow Region:

  • paperwork for obtaining plots;
  • purchase and installation of gravestone, cross, fence, basement, flower bed;
  • grave decoration.

The cost of services depends on the demand for a particular cemetery, the location and plot size. The price of a gravestone depends on its size, material, and other factors.

For the customers' convenience we offer comprehensive packages in various price segments from the Basic package (about 30,000 rubles) to VIP package (about 750,000 rubles).

See more details on the cemeteries' individual pages.

Who owns the grave?

The land in the cemeteries is in public ownership. Any ‘grave owner’ is legally a person who has an exclusive right to use their plot for solely burying their relatives. Selling plots in the cemetery is illegal

The Moscow Region Columbaria

There are just a few Columbaria per 11.5 thousand cemeteries in the Moscow Region. All columbaria are open. Most of the walls of mourning are open, and they are available cinerary urn placement if there are vacant cells.



Bolshevolzhskoye municipal cemetery
City of Dubna, at the crossing of Promyshlennaya street and Novoye rd.
Kotelnikovskoye municipal cemetery
Kotelniki, Malaya Kolkhoznaya st.
Novoye Dzerzhinskoye
Dzerzhinsky, Lesnaya st.
Khimki, Nagornoye rd.
Lytkarino, Ramensky district, Ostrovetsky s.o.
Lyubertsy, Lyubertsy district, Novoryazanskoye rd, 23rd km.
Krasnogorsk district, Penyaginskoe rd. 1.
Balashikha district, Purshevo.
Zhukovsky, Magistralnaya st.
Mytishchi district, Volkovskoye rd, 6th km. from Moscow Ring Road.
n. Dubrovitskoe, Timoshkino

Columbarium in the Moscow Region – Prices

Cells in open columbaria in the Moscow Region are available to the local residents for free burial (if there are vacant niches).

General provisions of the cemeteries operations in the Moscow Region:

Open hours for cemeteries near Moscow:

  • DST (May 1 to September 30) 9 AM to 7 PM, no holidays.
  • Standard time (October 1 to April 30) 9 AM to 7 PM, no holidays.
  • Burials: 9 AM to 5 PM, no holidays.

Family burials into the existing graves in the Moscow Region cemeteries are available after 20 years' sanitary period.

All affairs regarding the obtaining of plots and family burials in the cemeteries of the Moscow Region are under the jurisdiction of the local authorities. service will help you arrange a new plot or additional family burial in the cemeteries of the Moscow Region. We also offer a wide range of grave structures and installation services. Call +7 (495) 100-3-100 (24x7 hot line) to get a free consultation on services.

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